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One server, many virtual hosts

This server is serving many virtual hosts through a variety of means. I currently have three domains pointing to this IP address and the domains configured so that almost all subdomains also point to this address.

I initially set up Apache to handle virtual hosts as part of setting up the secure side of my web server. Although many domain names point to this server, the server certificate is for * which means it doesn't match two of the top level domain names for requests it could receive. This means a browser will pop up a dialog box warning you about the site if the request top level domain doesn't match the certificate. You also get a warning because I use a self signed certificate and haven't proven my sites identity by letting a trusted entity charge my credit card every year. I will have to fix this if I try to get a bunch of people I don't know and who don't know me do credit card transactions on the site so I can have some of their money. The secure site is really mostly for me. I have a huge amount of information available to me from anywhere I have internet access but I don't want it available to the public at large. The only way I feel I can do this safely is through authenticated access available only through a secure web connection.

When I decided to set up a virtual host for my cabo website I found that I already knew how to do it and had done it when setting up secure web access. Within a day after setting up the cabo website I set up this one to document the named virtual hosts I have set up and don't mind the public knowing about.

Two of the sites listed above as on Local Area network are routed to different computers on my Local Area Network. I currently have three different computers configured to run my website. This was done this year as part of upgrading my main server. My main server was running Fedora Core 4 at the beginning of the year and is now running PCLinuxOS 2007. Before upgrading the server I configured my workstation and laptop and did several refreshes. All of the machines are backed up daily and the main server is backed up daily, weekly and monthly. I tested rebuilding both of the other machines from the backups to get the server up to the point of the last daily backup before proceeding. I then switched the router so that the workstation was now the main server and I could upgrade the old server. I took a week testing that the new server was functioning O.K. and then did the upgrade. Once the upgrade was complete and the data was all refreshed I switched the router again. If on the local area network the, and domain names each point to different machines. All incoming requests from the internet are directed to the main server by my router regardless of the domain name. I have done some research on configuring apache to allow me to access other Local Area Network machines from the one internet connection but haven't implemented anything yet.

The last site listed above is also only valid on my Local Area Network but is by IP address rather than domain name. I have my Local Area Network configured using the 10.*.*.* block of addresses reserved for Local Area Networks. This gives me more local addresses than I can ever imagine needing.

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